Invest in our team…

rise again…

VIQI (Vikings Quids In) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that has been dedicated to supporting Widnes Vikings for almost 20 years.

As an independent organisation, with a long heritage of supporting Widnes Vikings in times of need, we aim to be a trusted partner for supporters.


Every penny counts, so please give generously to this cause. Should any supporter be interested in making a large donation and wish to explore bespoke packages to recognise this contribution, please email

becoming a viqi member:

You can join VIQI from as little as £5 per month. By signing up to become a VIQI Member, you can help provide sustainable and reliable income to support Widnes Vikings. This will help VIQI to demonstrate to potential investors that Widnes Vikings can become a sustainable club, which has the full backing of its supporters.

If VIQI can generate 1000-1500 members, contributing £15 per month, we will collectively generate £180,000 to £270,000 per year for the club. This would help attract further investment and see Widnes Vikings’ supporters likely become the primary investors in their team.


Throughout Widnes Vikings’ Championship and Super League history, VIQI members have collectively raised almost £200,000 for the club, helping to sign almost 40 first team players and invest in the club’s youth system. From our first signing, Martin Crompton, through to the likes of Corey Thompson and Chris Houston, we have consistently supported the progress of Widnes Vikings and assisted the club at times of need.