Update for VIQI members

In response to the announcement from the club board earlier today.

While the decision to go part time next season will no doubt disappoint some, we understand the challenges the club’s board and management continue to face and we know they are working very hard on the fans behalf to protect and develop our great club.

Since the catastrophic news that the club was going into administration, you the fans have been phenomenal in your support and it is through your actions and generosity that we still have a club to enjoy and nurture.

The money you are paying into VIQI has been a lifesaver for the club and this is all down to you. Now, we need to get back to VIQI’s origins and original remit, which is focusing on assisting the club in recruiting and retaining key players.

So, it goes without saying, your continued support is now more important than ever. The decisions the board and management have to make in terms of securing the services of the best possible players will totally rest on the availability of funds.  This is where VIQI really comes into its own.

Stick with us. Increase your monthly donation if you are able. Spread the word that VIQI is key to maintaining the best possible Widnes Vikings squad for next season and beyond.

Your VIQI Board