Exciting times …. TIM’S IN YOU’RE IN!

Firstly, Thank You for your generous donations and continued loyalty to VIQI and Widnes Vikings.  Apologies as it has been a little longer than we would have liked since our last VIQI news item.  VIQI have still been very busy in the background and working closely with the Club to help formulate plans and strategies to help drive the Club forward. 

A little insight into the recent goings on…

 Jason, VIQI Founder and Supporter Representative on the Widnes Viking Board, was called to a hastily arranged emergency Club Board meeting to discuss the impending departure of Head Coach, Kieron Purtill…. not ideal as he had only just returned from an overseas trip and was in bed suffering a little jet lag!    Whilst most supporters would agree that the loss of Kieron was extremely frustrating and some would say disappointing, there was now a huge opportunity for the Club to make a real statement of intent.  During the Club Board meeting and collective discussions on the options it was clear that one individual stood head and shoulders amongst the rest.  It was fantastic to see the Boards desire to recruit such a high-profile coach with a wealth of experience that would really help drive our Club forward over the next two seasons.  Whilst finances will always be a challenge, it was really pleasing to see the way our Club Board were engaged and enthused by the prospect of Tim Sheens becoming our new Head Coach.

Jason was a keen supporter of Tim Sheens acquisition and along with the Clubs Board unanimously supported his appointment, stating that it was a real delight to listen to the Boards balanced views on Tim’s appointment and that the investment in the right calibre of coach would be rewarded by our fans, adding that they would back the Club should we make the right decision to appoint him.

Everyone is really hopeful that our season ticket sales and VIQI memberships see an impressive increase to support what we are all collectively trying to achieve at our Club.  It is clear that everyone, no matter what element of the fan base they are from, are trying to drive our Club forward and with VIQI donations supporting recent squad retentions, new signings and significant signings such as Tim’s, we’re sure the fans will see that the Club is doing the right thing and showing they are up for the challenge.

 Strong and stable funding is what will help drive us on and enable us to stand out from the rest, our Club needs strong season ticket sales, VIQI membership and great retail sales.  The intention of everyone involved is to grow our club year on year and with your continued support we have a Club Board capable and passionate enough to deliver this, led by our Club Chairman Chris Price.  Chris continues to be a driving force for our Club and leads by example, and once again Chris’s company Landscape World have stepped in to sponsor Tim Sheens for the coming season.

 So, it goes without saying, your continued loyalty and generous support is now more important than ever. The decisions the Club Board and management have to make in terms of securing the services of the best possible players, will totally rest on the availability of funds.  This is where VIQI really comes into its own.

 Everyone who has made a donation to VIQI can stand tall, loud and proud when your team runs out next year in the knowledge that you have played your part in making it happen and are truly part of A Club Like No Other.

So please stick with us. Review your monthly donation if you are able to. Spread the word that VIQI is key to maintaining the best possible Widnes Vikings squad for next season and beyond.

 It really does still seem surreal that nearly 30 years ago to the day, on one of the greatest nights of our great Club’s history, we now have the opposing coach as our Head Coach, Welcome Tim Sheens !!!!

 A final word to our fantastic social media team, you played a blinder !!!!

#A Club Like No Other


Jason, Fiona, Mike, Chris and Tony, Your VIQI Board