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By signing up to become a VIQI Member, you can help provide sustainable and reliable income to support Widnes Vikings. This will help VIQI to demonstrate to potential investors that Widnes Vikings can become a sustainable club, which has the full backing of its supporter.

Membership is suggested at a minimum of £15 per month, and will be taken as a monthly Direct Debit. However, we recognise that Membership needs to be accessible to people with a range of budgets, and therefore there are a number of options available.

Please select the option that best suits your budget. We appreciate people donating the most that they can commit to each month.

If you are from outside of the UK scroll down for futher options (European, Australian, New Zealand and US)

If VIQI has 1000-1500 members, contributing £15 per month, we will collectively generate £180,000 to £270,000 per year for the club. This would help attract further investment and see Widnes Vikings’ supporters likely become the primary investors in their team

If you would prefer to download the form, fill in and hand in to Widnes Vikings Office or post then click here


Pay monthly in Euros, US DoLLARS, AUD Dollars and even NZ Dollars with PayPal:

Monthly VIQI Membership options
Monthly VIQI Membership options
Monthly VIQI Membership options
Monthly VIQI Membership options
Thank you to everyone who signs up to become a VIQI Member. Your donation will help us secure the future of Widnes Vikings and invest in the success of our team
— Jason Shaw, VIQI